Nature is our gateway to farming. Having both lived near a forest that we visited often, plants are strongly apart of our journey that so strongly weaves our web of wisdom. Continuous studies through our 5-senses, various readings, gatherings and mentorships have created our foundation for plant knowledge. With this knowledge we offer small-batch items at our farmers markets, pop-up sales or our CSA program. Plants carry an abundance of health and medicine. We recognize their power to heal, empower and transform when harvested safely and used properly.

We very much believe that being outside and working with plants gives us a deep nature connection and reminds us of where we come from. Growing, eating and sharing our produce is a part of our daily lives and brings us a sense of gratitude and purpose. Mankind’s ability to observe the interactions in nature and having the ability to interact allows us to enhance carrying capacity of the land, increase the biodiversity and therefore help the world to thrive and responsibly support our existence.

All over the planet people are making a solid effort in order to bring back the ecology to their land by participating in reforestation projects. Regenerating our landscapes back to thriving environments is something we should consider a priority in order to heal the earth from the destructive nature of conventional agriculture. We have the ability to bring this into existence and with our new found ability to design landscapes using what we observe and what we know about soil, a positive co existence is possible.

These are the people who inspire us!
Bill Molison, Joel Saliton, Elliot Coleman, Jean Martin, Curtis Stone, Geoff Lawton, John Young, Rosemary Gladstar, Alexis Burnett, Tom Brown, Linda Rose, Arthur Haines, Zach Loeks, Paul Stamits, Daniel Vitalis and the list goes on….