Radical Mother Meet-up

Not your typical mom and baby group!

when women gather, magic happens…

Are you a new, new again, or soon-to-be mom looking to meet other like-minded moms, dive into self care, learn a few things, and build community?

Nessa of Radical Mother Wellness designed this exclusively for radical women like you who embrace holistic living and wellness.

Join Nessa for a transformative six-week journey at our Farm in Cobourg (Foragers Farms) that combines education, self-care practices, community connection, and precious baby bonding moments in a natural setting.

What can you expect?

Over the course of 6 weeks, you will explore topics such as healing after birth, baby nutrition and breastfeeding, sleep, safe herbal remedies for the whole family! You’ll also learn techniques to prioritize your well-being and support your nervous system including meditation, trusting your intuition, journaling, pulling cards, etc. It’s time to connect with fellow moms who share your values and experiences, while bonding with your baby!

  • Gain knowledge and confidence in holistic motherhood practices…We will explore a variety of topics so you can build your confidence in this stage of your motherhood.
  • Nurture your well-being…Each session starts with a grounding intuitive practice and ends with some relaxing Reiki
  • Build friendships… No one can do this alone girl, even the most independent of us! Take a chance and put yourself out there to get to know some other women with similar values in the same life stage as you



Foragers Farms


May 9th – June 13th

Foragers Farm
3533 Rowe Rd, Cobourg

Nessa Hayes is a Clinical Herbalist, Doula, Medicine Woman and Intuitive Energy Healer based in Peterborough Ontario. She’s a single mom of two who loves to spend time in her garden or at the cafe with a cappuccino and a pain au chocolate!