We hope these frequently asked questions steer you in the right direction! If not feel free to contact us by e-mail or call Tyler & Erin at 905-999-3243/905-926-7478


The Program:
Each week we put together your share from our gardens for you to pick up at one of our pick up points that you choose when you sign up for our CSA.

What does it cost?
When paying up front for the year you will receive on average %10 more value than you would if you were to buy from vendors at the farmers market or the organic section at the grocery store! This is because you are helping the farmers out at the beginning of the season by paying upfront and throughout the season you benefit back in extra bang for your buck!

Do you deliver?
Within our radius we do deliveries with a cost depending on distance from farm and other deliveries made enroute.

When does the CSA take place?
We operate our program from the second week in June to the last week of October.
We say 18-20 weeks as this business depends on the weather so sometimes it starts later or ends earlier.

What happens if I can’t come pick up our share or will be out of town the week of a pick up?
Try to have a friend, family member, neighbour, co-worker etc pick it up for you or for themselves. If you can’t find anyone who wants a crate full of veggies than please give us 48hr notice so we don’t harvest for you.
*If you need to switch your pick-up day on occasion we will gladly harvest your CSA share any day that we have another pick-up option. Let us know 48hrs before your scheduled CSA pick-up day or 48 hours before the day that you’d like to pick up, whichever comes first. As a last resort, if you live in the area and coming to our farm is realistic then we can accept that as a last option.
Final option is to “bank” your week and add it onto the end of your CSA for a whole other week.  Essentially giving you a credit.  We limit people to 2 weeks of this.

Is my deposit refundable?
The simple answer is no. Your deposit is not refundable or transferable. The CSA deposit reserves your spot in the CSA and will be put towards the total cost of your share. You are welcome to give your share to a family member or friend; please notify us whom his would be in advance.

If I choose not to pay online, where do I mail my cheque?
Send your cheque for the allotted amount to Foragers Farms 3517 Rowe Rd Cobourg, ON. All cheques should be made out to Foragers Farms. Please send a cheque as cash can disappear too easily.

What happens if I do not pay on time?
A late payment will result in a fee of $25 or a forfeit of the CSA share and deposit. The nature of a CSA program is for the members to invest in the farm as early in the season as possible. The farm cannot function as it should if payments are made late. As we are a small farm and business we depend on the commitments of our members and community 100% of the way.

Will the shares be limited?
Yes, we will be limiting our CSA so act fast as we expect it to fill up fast!

What kinds of vegetables do you grow?
Over 35 different kind of vegetables.

As a member, when can I visit the farm?
YES! PLEASE…email us and we would love to show you where you food comes from!