One of three farms featured in a Blue Ant Media + Cottage Life mini documentary.

Regenerative agriculture

focuses on rebuilding organic matter and living biodiversity in soil, which produces increasingly nutrient-dense food year after year — while rapidly sequestering excess atmospheric carbon underground to reverse climate change.

Certified Naturally Grown

A grassroots verification where a farmer inspects our farm every year with a thorough questionnaire that is evaluated by CNG. We use amendments such as organic chicken fertilizer and fish emulsion, in times of pests control we use netting and natural products. You can feed your family and kiddos safely knowing that the food will serve their bodies well. 

Bio-Intensive, low tillage

At our wee farm we plant multiple successions combined with intensive spacing. This maximizes yields, creates crop canopies and protects soil. Our low till farming allows soil structure to remain intact and in turn our plants thrive.

Zach Bush, MD speaks on chemical farming….”We built an entire economy around the concept of healthcare, and it’s failing us. Watch this video to learn more about chemical farming and the loss of human health.”