Master Market Gardening in Six Weeks

April 20 – May 25. Bowmanville, Newcastle & Port Hope, Ontario.

🌱 Join us for six weekends in April/May and step into the world of market gardening mastery with a course that’s enriching and insightful. Get on-farm training with online resources that give you the knowledge, techniques, and skills to manage a thriving market garden farm. 🌱

Aspiring Growers

Looking for valuable experience? Get the practical skills and know-how to jump-start your journey or scale up your project. Stack your market garden skills and test-drive the tools, equipment and operations.

Property Owners

Thinking of transforming your land into a productive landscape? Turn that vision into reality and learn from experience.

Experienced Gardeners

Ready to scale up? Take your gardening prowess to new heights with advanced tools, techniques and strategies.

Course Content 

In addition to the 6 weekend, 72 hours of in-person training, you gain access to our online community which includes a digital toolbox and support materials to build out your resource base.
Subjects include:

  1. Holistic Context Development
  2. Farm Planning and Design
  3. Crop Production + Planning
  4. Soil Science and Field Preparation
  5. Tools and Equipment
  6. Direct Seeding and Transplanting


Course Highlights

  • $999.00
  • 72 hours in Person Training
  • Digital Resource Base
  • Community Support

What to expect from this training…

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum covers everything from farm planning and design to tools, equipment and production systems to sales and marketing strategies. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of the market gardening business and farm operations.

Hands on Training

Stack your skill set and knowledge base with 72 hours of in-person training. You’ll spend ample time in the field, getting your hands dirty with all the tools and equipment used in market gardening. Learn essential techniques firsthand, from bed preparation to crop cultivation, you’ll develop practical skills and valuable experiences to add to your tool box.

Expert Guidance

Learn from four experience growers. Our instructors bring years of experience and expertise to the table, offering valuable training, insights, tools and techniques to help you succeed as a market garden farmer. You’ll get the the best of four farms. We’ll share our stories of the challenges, successes and failures while guiding you down the path to success.

Digital Resources

In addition to in-person training, you’ll have access to a wealth of digital resources and tools to support your learning journey. From video tutorials to downloadable guides, spreadsheets and templates you will get access to useful resources to document your training and plan your journey.

Community Support

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals passionate about small scale regenerative agriculture. Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and build lasting relationships within the Four Farms network.

Dig Deeper

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Meet Your Farmers

“The ultimate goal of farming is not just the growing of crops but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” – Masunobu Fukuoka

Ryan Cullen

City of Greens Farm

Ryan is a grower, educator, and entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning Permaculture, Forest Gardening, Bio-Intensive Market Gardening, Urban Agriculture, Regenerative Farming, and Controlled Environment Agriculture. His journey began in Thailand, where he taught English and delved into Permaculture and Forest Gardening techniques. Following a diploma in Horticulture Food and Farming at Durham College, Ryan refined his skills at La Ferme Des Quatre Temps training farm in Quebec, under the mentorship of JM Fortier, The Market Gardener. With four years spent managing the urban farm at the W. Galen Weston Centre for Food at Durham College and teaching in the Horticulture Food and Farming program, Ryan played a key role in conceptualizing The Barrett Centre of Innovation in Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Currently, he spearheads the development of a 10-acre regenerative homestead and commercial market garden – City of Greens – in Bowmanville, Ontario, while collaborating on a local food and farming hub with community partners. Ryan’s expertise in higher learning, holistic farm planning and design, market gardening, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and urban agriculture provides him with a unique perspective on the horticulture, food, and farming industry. Passionate about regenerating landscapes, fostering viable agro-economies, resilient communities, and a vibrant local food culture, he envisions multiplying small-scale regenerative farms and empowering a new generation of agro-ecological entrepreneurs. As the founder of the Horticulture Food and Farming Company and the Horticulture Food and Farming Institute, Ryan is committed to pioneering solutions that transform paradigms and nurture flourishing local horticulture, food, and farming economies and culture.

Tyler and Erin

Foragers Farm

Tyler, Erin, and their sapling Cypress comprise a family deeply rooted in their love for forests, market gardening, and self-sufficiency. On their 50-acre pristine land just 10 minutes north of Port Hope and Cobourg, they cultivate over 50 annual vegetables, herbs, flowers, pasture-raised eggs, along with perennials and hay. Their journey began with volunteering on farms across Canada, South America, Asia, and the United States, leading them to establish a volunteer group called We Grow Food, fostering backyard gardens and community support. After years of internships and experimentation on rented land, they transitioned to business ownership, creatively navigating land acquisition challenges through Initially renting cooperatively at Headwaters Community Farm and Education Centre, they now own the 50 acres outright. Erin’s decade of wildcrafting and farm-to-kitchen cooking experience complements Tyler’s background as a tradesman, where he utilizes his welding and building skills to design farm infrastructure. As head farmer, Tyler oversees planting schedules and farm management, while Erin manages CSA, farmers markets, and customer relations, drawing on her extensive experience in sustainably-minded restaurants. Together, they embody a commitment to sustainable farming, community engagement, and lifelong learning.

Anastasia and John

Acre Farm

J.P. and Anastasia Luciuk are the proud owner-operators of Acre Farm Market Gardens, a 1.3-acre urban agriculture property in Bowmanville, Ontario. What began as a family garden has blossomed into a thriving market garden and urban homestead. Acre Farm offers a 14-week CSA from June to October and hosts a weekly on-farm market until November. Driven by a commitment to holistic living and self-sufficiency, J.P. and Anastasia cultivate and preserve a significant portion of their family’s food each year. Anastasia manages day-to-day operations while also caring for their three children. With a culinary background from George Brown and 15 years in the hospitality industry, she transitioned to horticulture with a diploma from Durham College. Her expertise in small-scale food production, preparation, and preservation has inspired a range of value-added products, all featuring ingredients grown on the farm. J.P., owner of a local landscaping company, brings his construction and project management skills to the farm’s infrastructure. A graduate of Brock University, he has played a crucial role in designing and implementing farm improvements, including transforming a small house on Acre Farm into an educational community kitchen and farm store. Together, Anastasia and J.P. are dedicated to enriching their community through education and empowerment. They aspire to create a space where individuals can access knowledge and resources, demonstrating that self-reliance is attainable for everyone.

Michael Longarini

Second Season Farm

Michael Longarini spearheads Second Season Farm, a small-scale regenerative market garden nestled in Newcastle, Ontario. With his young family by his side, Michael is dedicated to fostering a vibrant local business rooted in community collaboration. At Second Season Farm, the focus is on perennial-based agriculture, blending scale-appropriate technology with annual market garden production systems to optimize efficiency. Throughout the summer and fall, Second Season Farm yields a diverse array of annual vegetables, including multiple varieties of garlic, specialty onions, and premium lettuces, complemented by select perennial crops. Michael’s strategic investments in infrastructure, tools, and equipment, such as a BCS tractor, a three-season greenhouse nursery, paper pot transplanter, and jang seeders, underscore his commitment to efficient operations while balancing the demands of family life. With a steadfast dedication to organic and regenerative practices, Second Season Farm integrates perennial agriculture, utilizing woodlot and orchard crops to enhance annual market garden production and prioritize ecological health. Michael’s leadership extends beyond the farm, as he spearheads initiatives like a local REKO sales and marketing network and actively participates in local farmers markets, championing the local food and farming community. For Michael and the team at Second Season Farm, their mission transcends mere vegetable cultivation—it’s about fostering community and family connections while nurturing a resilient local food and farming culture for all.

Are You Ready?

We’re excited to embark on this unique journey with you, offering hands-on experience, access to our tools and techniques, and connection with local growers who do this everyday. Our mission is to empower and multiply more small-scale regenerative market garden farms and growers. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, we’re here to guide you toward success. Join the revolution!

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