CSA Program

What is a CSA?

Community-Shared Agriculture means that you get a weekly supply of fresh produce directly from the farmer during the growing season. It’s a direct system that truly restores the connection between people and where their food comes from. CSA systems provide farmers with an equitable return for their skill, knowledge and labour; and establishes a strong foundation for sustainable agriculture all the while contributing to a healthier ecology.

Foragers Farms CSA program


Our bags come in two sizes and you pay once for a whole season of fresh produce:

Med/Large Family: $670 per season.
$35/week wholesale value.

~best for big veg eating couples, a family of 3+ who eat veg as majority OR family of 4-6 who eat veg as minority,

Small Family: $520 per season.
$27 / week wholesale value.

~best for couples who eat veg as minority, a family of 3-4 who eat veg as majority but might want to be able to pick up from other farmers/sources (if you have a family of 4+ I would recommend the Family bag).

Foragers Farms CSA program

What’s in it?

An example of a Med/Large Family mid-season bag includes 6 oz of mixed greens, 2 large tomatoes, green onion bunch, 2 large zucchini, 2-3 cucumber, 1 bunch parsley, 1 bunch dill, broccoli, 2 red pepper, 1 bag of sprout blend, 1 carrot bunch, 1 beet bunch, 1 radish bunch. What the bag includes varies slightly as new vegetables come into season.

~a Small Family mid-season bag comes with similar pickings as the Med/Large Family expect there is less of some of the items (ie. 1 cucumber vs. 2).

How to join

Step 1: Decide on your pickup location & share size.
Step 2:
Fill out google docs 2020 CSA Sign Up Form & Member Agreement.
Step 3:
Pay with E-transfer, cash or cheque.
E-transfer to: foragersfarms@gmail.com. Auto-deposit…no password required.

Payment terms:
Deposit payment due February 28th, 2020 ($335 for Family or $260 for Small Family)
Final payment due April 1st, 2020 ($335 for Family or $260 for Small Family)

Once you have signed up you will receive an email from us to communicate that we received your information. Closer to the CSA first pickup date we send out our weekly e-mail newsletter to communicate what you will be receiving that week (sent out 1-2 days before weekly your pickup date)

You can pick up your bag here:

Tuesdays: 333 Powell Rd. Whitby
(We need a minimum of 10 members at this location to offer this)
Thursdays: Foragers Farms 4pm – 6pm
Saturdays: Cobourg Farmers Market 8am – 1pm
Saturdays: Peterborough Regional Farmers Market 8am -1pm
*all locations but Whitby allow for 1 item swap out! This means if you don’t want a certain item from your share that week you can swap it out for something of equal value from our farmers market table.

Bring a friend and save!

For each friend you get to sign up with us you receive 10% off your CSA fee! That’s $50 or $65 of savings per friend that signs up with us that gets deducted from your total! Sign up 10 friends? Get a free CSA!

More details

Our CSA season is 18-20 weeks long from June to October. It includes a variety of in-season vegetables harvested off the field the day before! We grow 25 crops and over 60 cultivars so plenty of diversity is had throughout the growing seasons!

The length of season depends on mother nature and so does what’s growing so we unfortunately can’t take special requests for the CSA bag.


Join today and get fresh, local produce
in the 2020 season