Nourish your mind and soul, connect with the land + where your food comes from, reap the benefits of being surrounded by the most healing tool of all: nature.

Nutritional Rebirth
May 12th 4pm-5
So you’ve opted into a CSA or you are buying your produce regularly from a local farm with organic & sustainable growing practices? This is amazing! You’ve already taken a huge first step in caring for yourself and your family by choosing nutrient dense produce! Good Nutrition is the basis of health and self-care, but it is also a lifestyle. Cultivating a nutritional lifestyle takes time, as conventional food staples generally aren’t aligned to nutrition. This is where this seminar comes in. In this seminar, we will discuss the concept of nutrition vs. traditional diet, and look at some ways that we can easily incorporate nutritious staples such as sauces, dips & dressings to your fridge & pantry, as these will come in handy with all the fresh produce you’ll be getting this summer!
In this seminar, you will learn…
– Nutrition for self-care vs. a traditional diet
– Quality of food vs. quantity
– Ingredient review of store bought/pre-packaged sauces, dips & dressings: what to avoid & why
– Easy, convenient and nutritious alternatives to store bought/pre-packaged sauces, dips &

What to expect?
– 45 minute seminar with Q& A
– Taste test various homemade alternative BBQ sauces, dips & salad dressings
– Take home of one 125 ml BBQ sauce to share with the family or enjoy yourself
– Post workshop e-book with easy & convenient sauce, dips & salad dressing recipes. All recipes are gluten-free, diary-free and refined sugar free.

Why join us?
– You are interested in nutrition, but don’t know where to start
– You are interested in enhancing the nutrition from your produce with nutritious & delicious fridge staples.
– You are interested in learning new recipes
– Meet like-minded individuals
– Reignite your spiritual and emotional passion for food

The Soil. Your Health.
June 2nd 4pm-5
Humans, like plants, are biochemical organisms. As a result, both depend heavily on soil. So much so that you can boldly say “Humans are of the soil” – every carbon, nitrogen, mineral and vitamin that are the building blocks of our bodies are derived from the soil. Therefore, if the soil is suboptimal, our health could become suboptimal. To date, over 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies as a direct result of depleted soil.
Soil of course is black gold to farmers as it directly impacts our livelihood, but more so than that it is
foundation through which we sustain our community. Nutritionists also share that goal of sustaining individuals and communities through nature. For this reason, it is only natural that Foragers has come together with a local Holistic Nutritionist (and farm volunteer), Angela Magill, to bring you this seminar on the soil and its downstream impacts on your health.

In this seminar, you will learn…
– Traditional farming and its effects on the soil
– The downstream effects of consuming food from unhealthy soil
– What constitutes healthy soil and how to achieve it (“Tour” by Tyler of Foragers soil)
– The health benefits of consuming food from healthy soil

What to expect?
– 45 minute seminar with Q& A
– “Tour” of the Foragers soil & farming practices
– Post workshop reference list of local farms with organic & sustainable practices.

Why join us?
– You are interested in eco-health and how farming practices contribute
– You are interested in learning about farming practices & how they contribute to your health
– You are avid about supporting sustainable agriculture
– You have an interest in nutrition and its implications on your health.
– Meet like-minded individuals

Angela Magill is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in cognitive & mental wellness. She helps busy professionals with stress, anxiety and depression rebalance their mental wellness through nutrition & lifestyle enhancements and changes.
In addition, she is very passionate about food and providing tasty, nutrient dense meals to all her family, friends and clients. This has led her to an overall love and appreciation for how food is grown and harvested from seed-to-table. As a result, she has also cultivated relationships with local farms who embody sustainable and organic growing practices. You will most likely find her in the kitchen baking, cooking or recipe experimenting. But, you’ll never be able to replicate her recipes because the secret ingredient to her cooking is love.

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