Howl: Moon Ceremony September 29th


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((•)) Falling Leaves Moon – Held on Friday September 29th at 7pm
In this 2hr community event we will:

  • Work with the energies of the full moon to get clear on what it is that we are ready to release
  • Set clear intentions on what it is we are ready to call in/cultivate more of
  • Use plant medicine of sacred cacao (pure form of chocolate) to open our hearts
  • Use specific breathing techniques and cadences to clear, connect, and cultivate
  • Rest, integrate and ground
  • Share and connect in circle

What to bring: 

  • an open mind! Have a child-like perspective and let go of any expectations
  • Yoga Mat
  • Bolster/ large pillow for under your knees
  • Thin pillow or folded blanket for under your head
  • Blanket for covering the body – temperatures can fluctuate
  • Eye mask or scarf to cover the eyes – this is an inward journey
  • Journal – to write down anything you want to remember from your experience
  • Food offering! A small portion (1-3 serving) – easy finger foods, berries, cut up larger fruits, cut up veggies, homemade baked goods etc.
$70 per full moon ceremony
$333 for all five


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