Update: we have increased our nursery space for 2022! This means more plants will be available for on farm pickup or at our markets in the spring!

Want to have a garden but don’t know where to start? Let us take care of  your garden plant starts all season long! We grow vegetables, herbs + flowers. Looking forward to getting dirty with you this year! We also have four locations available where seedlings are sometimes available (our farm, Peterborough Regional Farmers Market, Cobourg Farmers Market or Bowmanville Reko).


Succession planting is important when growing vegetables because if you stop planting, eventually your garden will be empty. Our Successional Plant Sales will help you continue growing all season!

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In our plants nursery we grow the best organically sourced seed we can find from cultivars that have been tested on the farm and proven to be amazing! Grow successions of seedlings from our nursery to help you get a harvest all season long! In agriculture, succession planting refers to several planting methods that increase crop availability during a growing season by making efficient use of space and timing. After one crop is harvested, another is planted in the same space.

After 5 years of field tests, growing 32 varieties and 60 cultivars of annual vegetables, flowers and herbs, we have documented what works well in our climate. Taking seasonal changes into consideration when deciding what to seed, we strategically choose plants that can combat seasonal environmental changes.
We want to help you grow a diversity of plants with the space you have available and it all starts with good soil, and healthy young seedlings.

We start our seeds in organic potting mix that is inoculated with mycorrhizae. This helps plants access nutrients in your soil, giving them the best possible start. Our seeds are sourced organically from Johnny’s Select Seeds or Urban Harvest.

Insect/pest pressure, poor soil, weeds, bacterial/fungal disease and poor planning can lead to a space in your yard that you avoid when you have friends over, or, with help from your local farmer you can feel confident in taking the first steps on a journey to self-sufficiency and nature connection. Now this space in your yard is where you have dinner parties and whip up a fresh salad from your garden buffet!